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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

Category: News


Fish for Science is the first Wednesday Winner

We've awarded our first Wednesday award to The MRC Centre for Developmental and Biomedical Genetics for their Fish for Science website.

Are wild animals happier?

Are wild animals happier? That was the question posed by Christie Wilcox for a guest blog in Scientific American.

Rodent Respect

This months Wednesday Winner website (#WW) is Rodent Respect. The site was created for scientists who work with rodents, especially students.

#ww Animal models: Inside the minds of mice and men

Monya Baker has given us a good and useful read. Her article in Nature provides many examples of animal models for human conditions and gives a clear appraisal of their value.

#ww Can scientists follow Laura’s lead?

Mark Henderson’s Science Matters column in today's Times Eureka gets our #ww Wednesday Winner award for communication about animal research (OK, it’s not Wednesday, but this column is a deserving winner).

#ww Buffering brains against stress

The hippocampus creates new neurones throughout our lives - so what happens if you bring "the hippocampus's production line to a screeching halt?"

#WW award for a letter from Parkinson's UK

Animal Aid is running a campaign against medical charities because some of their funded work involves animals.

#WW award for Of Mice and Medicine

We award Paul Vallely of the Independent newspaper for his excellent article - Of Mice and Medicine.

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