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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Review of research regulations

This month has seen publication of the long-awaited Hampton Implementation Review Report for the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Division and Inspectorate.

New regulations will boost good science, promote animal welfare

New animal research regulations from Europe will enhance the welfare of animals, facilitate modern science and cut through excessive red tape.

Loose laws and bad judgements

Weighing up the cost to animals and the potential benefit of any particular research program is no simple task.

Evidence-based policy

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Home Department, Lynne Featherstone, advanced an animal research policy based on evidence in a Commons debate on Wednesday 7 December.

MEP Committee sanctions better legal protection for research animals

he Agriculture committee in the European Parliament yesterday voted to pass a report on the revision of EU Directive 86/609 on the protection of animals used in scientific research.

UK government minister to discuss animal research policy

The Home Office minister with responsibility for animal research, Lynne Featherstone, has agreed to meet the bioscience sector to discuss policy issues.

Of mice and medicine

Subtitled In defence of animal experiments, the Independent published a four-page article in Saturday's Magazine about how animal research is 'transforming human lives'.

Handy information about animal research

Six new leaflets have been published by Understanding Animal Research, providing an overview of aspects of animal research

UK animal procedures up by 3% in 2010

The UK Home Office has released figures showing that the number of research procedures using animals last year increased by 3% to just over 3.7 million.

Lords take balanced approach but concerns remain

Understanding Animal Research welcomes the report published this week by the House of Lords EU Committee.

Moving animals - are we at a tipping point?

Scientists and governments are increasingly concerned about the negative impact of animal rights campaigns on the humane transportation of animals for research.

UAR in Mauritius

Macaques, like humans, are not indigenous to the island of Mauritius, isolated as it is in the Indian ocean.

New research shows public opinion supportive of animal research

The latest public opinion research from Ipsos MORI shows that the vast majority of the British public can accept animal experimentation for medical research purposes.

NEW leaflets available now!

UAR's popular A5 leaflets have been revised and are now available in print. The five titles are...

A guide for UK institutions on the new EU Directive

The revised European Directive on animal research (EU8869/10) should be formally 'adopted' in Europe during summer 2010.

Bioscience sector urges MEPs to safeguard research

Nine key UK bioscience organisations have signed a Declaration of Concern about revision of EU Directive 86/609, urging MEPs to take a balanced view on revision of European regulation of animal research.

Lords again affirm support for animal research

Several peers confirmed their belief in the need for animal research in biomedical research, during a debate in the House of Lords yesterday (24 October 2011).

Agreement on European regulation

The European Parliament and Council representatives have reached an agreement on the final details of the revisions made to Directive 86/609/EEC on animal experimentation.

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