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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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HIV vaccine ready for human trials

Using a deactivated form of HIV as a vaccine may be the best new treatment for fighting the HIV virus, concluded scientists after studying primate responses to the treatment.

Double bill in The Times for animal research

Most recently the Sunday Times cover piece last weekend took an in depth look at what goes on in animal labs in the UK, and the issues behind the research.

#WW award for Overlooking the Importance of Animal Research

We liked a piece in the Huffington Post by Kirk Leech. Overlooking the Importance of Animal Research in the UK politics section of the Huffington Post...

Loose laws and bad judgements

Weighing up the cost to animals and the potential benefit of any particular research program is no simple task.

UK research using monkeys 'outstanding'

A report published today, called Review of research using non-human primates, recommends that scientific research on monkeys should continue in the UK, subject to rigorous safeguards.

Bioscience sector urges MEPs to safeguard research

Nine key UK bioscience organisations have signed a Declaration of Concern about revision of EU Directive 86/609, urging MEPs to take a balanced view on revision of European regulation of animal research.

Freedom of Information - judgement on confidentiality clause at a university

Recently, a tribunal ruled that under the Freedom of Information Act a university can be said to 'hold' project licences (irrespective of how they are actually stored at the university) and that section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (…

Pregnancy malaria risk shows need for research

A new study which estimates that approximately 60% of global pregnancies are at risk from malaria will highlight the need for continued research into treatments for the disease.

Free iBook: Primates in Medical Research now available

How do researchers work with primates? Which species do they use? What has research with primates revealed? How are the primates looked after?

Lords take balanced approach but concerns remain

Understanding Animal Research welcomes the report published this week by the House of Lords EU Committee.

Information tribunal rules for both sides

As anyone who reads it will see, a recent (11 November) Freedom of Information ruling falls some way short of the 'landmark decision' claimed by BUAV.

Gene therapy for colour blindness

A team of scientists have restored colour vision to two colour blind squirrel monkeys using gene therapy.

Self-doubting monkeys

New research suggests macaques experience self-doubt and uncertainty when making decisions.

A breakthrough treatment for Ebola

Two American aid workers in Liberia made the news this week, as they became the first people ever to contract the Ebola virus and be returned to the United States.

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