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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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A breakthrough treatment for Ebola

Two American aid workers in Liberia made the news this week, as they became the first people ever to contract the Ebola virus and be returned to the United States.

UK research using monkeys 'outstanding'

A report published today, called Review of research using non-human primates, recommends that scientific research on monkeys should continue in the UK, subject to rigorous safeguards.

Tribunal rules in favour of UK University in FOI case

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request made nearly three years ago has reached its conclusion, at least for now, with a ruling by the Information Tribunal.

HIV strain can infect monkeys

Scientists have created a strain of the human AIDS virus which is able to infect and proliferate in monkeys.

Health in old-age

UAR science writer Mia Rozenbaum reviews recent research into ageing and how it might be avoided.

Cheap treatment for sleeping sickness

Researchers are preparing for clinical trials of the first inexpensive oral treatment for Trypanosomiasis, the parasitic disease commonly known as sleeping sickness that is transmitted to humans by the tsetse fly.

Monkeys with two mums may eradicate mitochondrial disorders

Scientists have produced four infant monkeys using a technique which could stop women with genetic diseases passing them on to their children.

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