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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Mice and monkeys metabolise BPA like humans

New research shows female mice, monkeys and humans appear to metabolise the oestrogen-like chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in similar ways.

Gene therapy for colour blindness

A team of scientists have restored colour vision to two colour blind squirrel monkeys using gene therapy.

HIV strain can infect monkeys

Scientists have created a strain of the human AIDS virus which is able to infect and proliferate in monkeys.

Monkey malaria infecting humans

Monkeys infected with malaria are providing a reservoir of the disease from which humans can be infected.

Artificial blood vessel success in animals

Artificial blood vessels for use in heart bypass surgery have been successfully tested in baboons and dogs.

Rabies vaccine protects monkeys against HIV

A vaccine based on the one used to prevent rabies can be used to protect against the monkey form of HIV (SIV), a new study has found.

Monkeys with two mums may eradicate mitochondrial disorders

Scientists have produced four infant monkeys using a technique which could stop women with genetic diseases passing them on to their children.

Sixty years of the polio 'miracle' vaccine

In 1955 the Salk polio vaccine was licensed in the US. Polio cases have dropped from 450,000 then to 450 now.

A Question of Care

From our archive - this video about the care of laboratory animals was produced by the Biomedical Research Trust in 2003.

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