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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Cancers linked by faulty gene

Prostate cancer and hereditary breast cancer could be linked by the same gene, research on mice suggests.

Prostate tumours reduced in mice

Prostate tumours have been in reduced in mice using a medicine originally designed to treat obesity.

Vaccine shrinks prostate tumours in mice

A vaccine containing a broad spectrum of tumour antigens delivered in a virus vector successfully treated 8 out of 10 mice with prostate cancer.

Less is more for common cancer treatment

A common cancer treatment has been shown to be more effective and less toxic when administered at more frequent, lower doses.

Nanoparticles reduce prostate tumours in mice

Scientists have used radioactive gold nanoparticles fused to a chemical found in tea to shrink prostate tumours in mice.

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