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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Why do charities fund animal research?

The animal rights group Animal Aid has launched a campaign against medical research charities who fund animal research.

But can they suffer?

'The question is not can they reason nor can they talk, but rather can they suffer?' Jeremy Bentham

Animals containing human material

What are 'animals containing human material' (ACHM) and why the sudden interest in them?

#WW award for NC3Rs review

Our Wedneday Winner today is the NC3Rs for producing a really clear, accessible and comprehensive review of the work it funds.

Information tribunal rules for both sides

As anyone who reads it will see, a recent (11 November) Freedom of Information ruling falls some way short of the 'landmark decision' claimed by BUAV.

NEW leaflets available now!

UAR's popular A5 leaflets have been revised and are now available in print. The five titles are...

Evidence-based policy

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Home Department, Lynne Featherstone, advanced an animal research policy based on evidence in a Commons debate on Wednesday 7 December.

Stem cells win prizes

Liver cells that mimic inherited liver diseases, produced from human skin cells, may offer the chance to regenerate damaged tissues and organs.

Moving animals - are we at a tipping point?

Scientists and governments are increasingly concerned about the negative impact of animal rights campaigns on the humane transportation of animals for research.

Predictive power of the parallel approach

An innovative approach to clinical trials could improve the predictive power of both human trials and animal studies, bringing both patient and animal welfare benefits.

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