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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Revision of European regulation of animal research gets underway

Today the Agriculture committee in the European Parliament gets evidence from experts in the research community about animal research.

EU proposals endanger HIV research

Researchers have identified a cheap, commonly-used compound that, applied vaginally, can stop monkeys being infected with a monkey...

MEP Committee sanctions better legal protection for research animals

he Agriculture committee in the European Parliament yesterday voted to pass a report on the revision of EU Directive 86/609 on the protection of animals used in scientific research.

Windows to the world

The regular column in The Times called 'The Shift', which profiles different jobs, today featured an animal technologist working at pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

An Odyssey exploring the debate

A book to be published soon promises a considered, less polarised approach to the animal rights debate.

A tale of three species

The law of unintended consequences may have led to saving rabbits at the expense of a two incredible species: a prehistoric invertebrate and a small bird with one of the most impressive known migrations.

Recommended reading

The National Centre for the Three Rs has produced a handy 'beginners guide' to the 3Rs - Refinement, Reduction and Replacement - and how they can benefit science, innovation and animal welfare.

More research means more animals

The 2008 figures for use of animals in UK research were released today by the Home Office.

Snails, slime moulds and flies

Government funding for alternatives research, through NC3Rs, has nearly doubled this year compared with 2008.

Animal wrongs

The editorial in today's Financial Times about responding to the appalling animal rights extremist attacks in Switzerland is spot on.

EU tries to avoid using 54 million more animals

A recent study suggests that the chemical industry will have to spend €9.5 billion (US$13.6 billion) on safety testing over the next decade.

UK public opinion largely positive

Recent research on public attitudes to animal experimentation has been published on the Ipsos MORI website.

Handy information about animal research

Six new leaflets have been published by Understanding Animal Research, providing an overview of aspects of animal research

UK public attitudes - not much change

Public opinion research released this week shows that public attitudes to animal research haven't changed much in the UK over the last few years.

RSPCA and GCSE science

The RSPCA's latest foray into schools education is a smart new web resource for GCSE science with a substantial chunk dedicated to exploring the ethics of animal research.

Infiltration: most allegations unfounded

Understanding Animal Research today (Tuesday 30 November) welcomed a report from the Home Office addressing claims by an animal rights group about animal research and testing at a UK facility in 2009.

Basel Declaration calls for open dialogue

More than 50 top scientists working in Germany and Switzerland have launched a new Declaration about animal research.

Creation of new Animal Welfare Centre in Scotland

The Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) is to coordinate a major, new, EU funded, research project to create a Centre of Excellence in Animal Welfare Science.

New regulations will boost good science, promote animal welfare

New animal research regulations from Europe will enhance the welfare of animals, facilitate modern science and cut through excessive red tape.

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