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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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BUAV student guide economical with the truth

What is wrong with animal experiments? asks BUAV's new ‘guide for students' and it is a question worth asking.

FoI and lessons for records management

Freedom of Information (FoI) requests have recently been in the news, as many UK Universities have received a request for information from Luke Steele, an animal rights activist based in Yorkshire.

The Marks & Spencer bunnies

Some may have seen the full page advert by the retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S), with pictures of rabbits, proclaiming its commitment not to test cosmetics or household products on animals.

European public opinion divided

The European Commission has published a survey on the public's opinion of science and technology.

Infiltration: most allegations unfounded

Understanding Animal Research today (Tuesday 30 November) welcomed a report from the Home Office addressing claims by an animal rights group about animal research and testing at a UK facility in 2009.

Freedom of Information - judgement on confidentiality clause at a university

Recently, a tribunal ruled that under the Freedom of Information Act a university can be said to 'hold' project licences (irrespective of how they are actually stored at the university) and that section 24 of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (…

Information tribunal rules for both sides

As anyone who reads it will see, a recent (11 November) Freedom of Information ruling falls some way short of the 'landmark decision' claimed by BUAV.

Help stop EDM from stifling research

Animal rights groups have been busy as of late convincing MPs to sign their new Early Day Motion (EDM).

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