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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Ageing reversed in mice

Premature ageing can be reversed in mice, hinting at the possibility of anti-aging treatments for humans.

Helping the hunt for disease genes

A few weeks ago it was announced that researchers have created genome-wide, high-resolution genetic maps of 100 inbred mouse strains.

A light on Parkinson's

Shining a laser into the brain may ease the symptoms of Parkinson’s, a new study in mice has shown.

Blood pressure medicine could treat Alzheimer’s

A medicine previously used to treat high blood pressure could now be applied to Alzheimer's disease following tests on GM mice.

Why do charities fund animal research?

The animal rights group Animal Aid has launched a campaign against medical research charities who fund animal research.

Moving animals - are we at a tipping point?

Scientists and governments are increasingly concerned about the negative impact of animal rights campaigns on the humane transportation of animals for research.

Key protein in obesity related diseases

It is well known that obesity can lead to health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and it is thought that this is due to low-grade inflammation.

How refining animal research can lead to more experiments

In today’s staff blog our Science Writer, Ian Le Guillou, looks at how genetically modified mice are helping to reduce our reliance on primates, but are inflating the numbers of animals used.

Gene mutation increases dementia

The dementia associated with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases is commonly associated with abnormal clumps of a protein (B-synuclein) in the brain.

Cancer treatment clears Alzheimer’s damage

A cancer treatment has been shown to rapidly clear the destructive brain plaques of Alzheimer’s disease.

Breakthrough against deadly Ebola virus

Scientists have uncovered the Achilles heel of the deadly Ebola virus; the breakthrough could lead to the first treatment for the tropical disease within a decade.

Animal research crucial for future of the NHS

Last month, Prime Minister David Cameron made a commitment to delivering major improvements in dementia care and research, doubling the budget for Alzheimer’s research in the UK to £66 million.

Genetically altered animals overtake normal animals in UK research

The UK government announced this morning that the number of animal procedures in 2009 fell by 1% compared with the previous year.

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