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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

Category: News


Flaky tail mouse mimics eczema

Scientists have discovered a mouse which carries the genetic mutation responsible for increased susceptibility to eczema, and eczema-related asthma.

Schools drama released on DVD

Every Breath, an award-winning drama-based set of teaching resources from Y Touring Theatre Company is now available on DVD, free to schools.

New treatment targets source of asthma

Lowering the production of specific immune cells could prevent asthma attacks, research on mice shows.

Childhood flu may protect against asthma

Exposure to bacteria or viruses as child could reduce your chances of contracting asthma, according to new research on mice.

UAR makes a Big Bang

UAR teamed up with the Y Touring Company this month for a series of workshops about the use of animals in research at this year's Big Bang Science Fair held at London's Excel Centre.

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