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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Schools drama released on DVD

Every Breath, an award-winning drama-based set of teaching resources from Y Touring Theatre Company is now available on DVD, free to schools.

The Shuffle: new interactive

Understanding where medicines come from – the long process from basic research, through clinical trails, to licensing and prescription – is not always easy for professional researchers, let alone young people.

Sharing the pie: new animal numbers activity for schools

How much do you know about which animals are used most in medical research and which are used least? Sharing the Pie, the latest addition to the Learning Centre's suite of activities for schools, is a fun way to find out.

New grants for science teachers

No understanding of how science works is complete without some knowledge of the way we use research animals.

7,000 and counting...

Are you a school science teacher or a GCSE science student? Don't miss out next year - invite a volunteer speaker into your schoo

New approaches to animal research in schools

Animal research is a favourite topic when teachers are looking for a sure-fire way to get their students interested in the ethics of science, but are schools getting all they can from this complex, sometimes difficult, always fascinating subject?

Free course on science communication

The National Science Learning Centre in York is offering a fantastic opportunity to improve your science communication skills with a two-day course on engagement with schools and young people on 18-19 October 2010.

UAR makes a Big Bang

UAR teamed up with the Y Touring Company this month for a series of workshops about the use of animals in research at this year's Big Bang Science Fair held at London's Excel Centre.

Rats jump aboard

On the principal that you can’t really understand something until you have tried it yourself, the UAR education team has been encouraging young people up and down the country...

Volunteer to be a school speaker

The holidays are upon us but schools are already girding themselves ready for a new term in September.

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