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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Damaging effects of fat reversed

Researchers have long known that overweight people are more likely to develop conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Fat busting pill?

An artificial hormone has reduced body weight and fat mass in mice, and fast.

Compound controls weight and blood sugar

A new compound has been designed that controls weight and blood sugar in mice, raising the prospect of a treatment for sufferers of obesity and diabetes.

Childhood diabetes, food sweetener link

A new study has shown that the food sweetener fructose can cause dangerous body fat deposits and trigger diabetes and heart disease in humans.

Key protein in obesity related diseases

It is well known that obesity can lead to health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and it is thought that this is due to low-grade inflammation.

Weight loss treatment works in obese monkeys

Researchers have shown that a new compound can significantly reduce the weight of monkeys by destroying blood vessels that feed fatty tissue.

Scientists create 'couch potato' mouse

By removing a protein that muscles use to convert fuel into energy, the researchers produced a mouse with normal body weight but which did not have enough energy to exercise.

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