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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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40,000 trout undercut costs, increase accuracy

The largest animal study ever on the cancer-causing risk (carcinogenicity) of chemicals could have profound implications for the species used in such testing, the numbers of animals used, and the accuracy of current tests.

More research means more animals

The 2008 figures for use of animals in UK research were released today by the Home Office.

Mice vote Green

Simon Jenkins, writing in The Guardian on Friday, asserted that giving animals rights leads to moral chaos. His piece, both amusing and serious, alludes to a recent bit of fun in the pro-hunting magazine, Country Life, which speculates about which politic…

Ferrets, flu, fish and pharmaceuticals

Grants worth £4 million have just been announced for 13 science projects that aim to minimise the use of laboratory animals and improve their welfare.

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