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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

Category: News


Nanoparticles seek out plaques in arteries

Researchers have designed small particles - ‘nanoparticles' - that are able to selectively bind to plaques in arteries.

Nanobees deliver deadly sting

A group of scientists has harnessed the power of bee venom and used it to kill tumour cells in mice.

Magnetic medicines treat brain tumours

The barrier between blood vessels and the brain may no longer limit the delivery of medicines to tumours, research on rats shows.

Nanoparticles boost vaccines

Scientists have developed nanoparticles that boost the effectiveness of vaccines in mice by mimicking part of the natural immune response.

Nanoparticles reduce prostate tumours in mice

Scientists have used radioactive gold nanoparticles fused to a chemical found in tea to shrink prostate tumours in mice.

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