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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Treatment 'reverses' Alzheimer's in mice

A team of scientists studying mice has pinpointed a gene involved in memory impairment, such as that seen in Alzheimer’s disease.

Pork products aid foetal mouse brain development

Eating pork that contains a micronutrient could help a growing brain develop, according to a recent study on mice.

Exercise boosts brain power

Running a few days a week can stimulate the brain to grow new cells, research on mice has revealed.

Blood pressure medicine could treat Alzheimer’s

A medicine previously used to treat high blood pressure could now be applied to Alzheimer's disease following tests on GM mice.

Dementia confuses memories

Confused memories rather than memory loss may be the cause of 'forgetfulness' in dementia patients, according to new research.

Broken sleep disrupts memory

Research on mice has shown that uninterrupted sleep is vital for memory consolidation.

Scientists 'read' mouse brains

By imaging the brains of mice whilst they navigated a virtual maze, scientists have identified unique nerve activity that allows them to predict which way the mouse will turn next.

Mapping memories

Intricate experiments using mice have allowed scientists to visualise the formation of new brain circuits that form after birth.

Broken memories

Researchers studying mice have discovered that brain cells may break their own DNA to form new memories.

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