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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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A human rights approach to policing protest

A report Demonstrating respect for rights? A human rights approach to policing protest was published by the House of Lords and House of Commons Joint Committee on Human Rights last month.

Animal wrongs

The editorial in today's Financial Times about responding to the appalling animal rights extremist attacks in Switzerland is spot on.

Time for more change in America

We have been watching with great concern the animal rights extremists’ campaigns taking place in the United States and California in particular.

Rock band unleashes violence tirade at UK gig

We aren't sure if it's because it was Friday the 13th but unlucky Flaming Lips fans were faced with an unpleasant display at a gig in Portsmouth last week.

Science and the media – a call to action

Act now to safeguard improvements in science reporting – that is the message to the scientific community and government in the UK from a new strategic report published today.

Dialogue is key?

In a febrile atmosphere, a 'panel discussion' took place on a Californian campus earlier this week between antivivisectionists and research advocates

UK public attitudes - not much change

Public opinion research released this week shows that public attitudes to animal research haven't changed much in the UK over the last few years.

Retrial for animal rights activist?

An animal rights activist who was jailed last year for a firebombing plot against Oxford University in 2006 faces a retrial.

New government committed to continued crackdown

Following the sentencing of six animal rights extremists on Monday, the new government made clear that it remains committed to countering criminal activity carried out in the name of animal rights.

The research they tried to stop

Three animal rights extremists who were imprisoned for their role in the 'Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs' campaign – Jon Ablewhite, John Smith and Kerry Whitburn – have been released from prison.

UAR sets up a new website:

Animal rights activists have created an exaggerated impression of their movement by their use of social and other media channels.

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