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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Pro-Test does it again

You could tell it was California in April and not Oxford in February, because the sun was shining.

An Odyssey exploring the debate

A book to be published soon promises a considered, less polarised approach to the animal rights debate.

PeTA boobs again

The latest completely irresponsible PeTA campaign uses a crass computer game to push its 'breasts not animal tests' message to children. The web is all a-twitter with reviews panning the game.

Mice vote Green

Simon Jenkins, writing in The Guardian on Friday, asserted that giving animals rights leads to moral chaos. His piece, both amusing and serious, alludes to a recent bit of fun in the pro-hunting magazine, Country Life, which speculates about which politic…

Why do charities fund animal research?

The animal rights group Animal Aid has launched a campaign against medical research charities who fund animal research.

UAR sets up a new website:

Animal rights activists have created an exaggerated impression of their movement by their use of social and other media channels.

Gene therapy targets 'cancer gene'

Gene therapy using a mutant form of a gene known to be involved in many of the most common cancers can destroy tumours in mice without any major side effects.

What Difference Does Animal Research Make

We were very sorry to hear that former Smiths frontman and animal rights campaigner Morrissey has been unwell recently.

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