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1 January 1970

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Spine repair allows rats to breathe again

Injuries that damage the spinal cord at the top of the neck can damage the nerve connections between the respiratory centre in the brain and the diaphragm muscles that we need to breathe normally.

Modified bacterium protects against TB

Mice infected with a genetically modified relative of the tuberculosis bacterium became immune to tuberculosis, a new study has shown.

Anti-viral medicine slows brain tumour growth

Scientists have found that the growth of Medulloblastoma brain tumour cells in mice can be significantly slowed using existing anti-viral medicines.

Lords affirm support for animal research

Members of the House of Lords on Tuesday affirmed their support for 'proper and appropriate' use of animals in medical research.

Sickle-cell anaemia treated in mice

Researchers have shown that they can treat sickle-cell anaemia in mice by switching on a haemoglobin gene usually only active before birth.

Enzyme linked to miscarriages and infertility

Studies of patient tissue and experiments using mice have linked a specific enzyme to both infertility and miscarriage.

Weight loss treatment works in obese monkeys

Researchers have shown that a new compound can significantly reduce the weight of monkeys by destroying blood vessels that feed fatty tissue.

Cancer treatment targets tumour growth protein

A chemical tested in mice, cell cultures and human biopsies has proved highly effective in preventing the growth of tumours.

Nearly £1 million towards replacing cancer tests

Scientists have been awarded nearly £1 million to develop new test methods that should substantially reduce the numbers of animals used for testing chemicals which may cause cancer.

Treating 'Alzheimer's disease' in mice

Scientists working with mice have identified a molecule that appears to cause the dementia suffered by Alzheimer's patients.

UAR at The Big Bang Fair 2013

The UAR Education Team had a fantastic time at The Big Bang Fair at ExCel in London which ran from the 14th -17th March this year.

Jumping species: how good intentions spread diseases

f asked to think of the main challenges facing conservation, most people would suggest habitat loss, climate change and hunting.

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