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1 January 1970

Posted by: Richard Scrase

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Llama antibodies reach the parts others do not

Cameloids have small antibodies that can dock in the cell receptors used by HIV virus
Llamas spit, kick, bite … and may help scientists develop a cure for AIDS. According to recent research, llamas have a secret weapon that might just be the answer to treating the…

World AIDS Day 2014

Interview with Dr Monsef Benkirane, Director of the human genetic CNRS institute, Montpellier and specialist in HIV
55 years ago, the first known case of HIV in a human occurred in a man who died in the Congo. Since then a lot has been done to turn this deadly disease into one we can now…

Antibody complex stops rejection

Scientists using mice have carried out tissue transplants without the need for life-long anti-rejection medication. After a transplant, immunosuppressants need to be administered…

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